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Ozpig Traveller

The Ozpig Traveller is the paired back adventure ready stove in the range and is designed with travel and adventure in mind. The Traveller is designed with a larger cooking surface, lighter weight construction and three key accessories, The 3 litre kettle attachment will have you boiling water in minutes, enough for a cuppa with plenty left over for the dishes. The chargrill plate is perfect for getting that real flavour born from fire that Ozpig are famous for, while the tool rack ensures all of your utensils and cooking equipment are conveniently located right at your fingertips.

The Traveller is made from 2.5mm pressed steel, rolled and fully welded along every seam. The Traveller handles extreme temperatures without burning out and warping like thinner, cheaper materials do. With four large screw in legs and a low centre of gravity, it takes a huge amount of weight on top, while the side plate can hold up to 15kgs. The Traveller packs down inside itself making it the perfect adventure cooking and heating solution.

Weve all been out on adventure when the weather starts to turn and the last thing you want is to lose your key heat and light source. Thanks to the large cooking surface of the Ozpig Traveller, you can close the lid and tuck the unit in under your awning to keep the fire going and still be able to cook and keep warm. On the clearer nights and days, simply pull the unit back out into the open, remove the top, load up the fire and sit out under the stars with friends and family, enjoying a safe and contained fire in the Ozpig Traveller.

Check out the PDF for the full users manual.

1 x Traveller Stove

1 x Large BBQ & Warming Plate

4 x Zinc Coated Screw in Legs

3 x Straight Chimney Pieces

1 x Travel Bag

1 x Fire Grate

1 x Spark Arrestor

1 x Lifting Tool

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