Ozpig NZ

6 Pack Rub Combo

This Package include one of each of the follwing rubs


This is a classic traditional SPG style rub,purposely designed to be light on bold flavoursallowing the rich beef taste to shine.

Thisdelicately balanced blend will complimentyour favourite cut of beef perfectly whileletting it remain the star of the show. Perfectfor grilling, smoking and rotisserie


A sumptuous blend which will really highlight and enhance the natural flavour of your favourite cuts of poultry. The red hue of the paprika delivers an attractive presentation while every element of the delicate flavour balance wallops the taste buds. Perfect for grilling, smoking and rotisserie.


This premium blend combines the perfect balance of spices handcrafted to make your Pork pop. The vibrant colour combines with complimentary sweet and savoury flavours backed up with a subtle hint of heat to make your pork taste AND look amazing. Perfect for grilling, smoking and rotisserie


This Greek inspired seasoning is bursting at the seams with traditional Mediterranean flavours allowing your imagination to run wild to produce some stunning authentic Greek cuisine. A valuable addition to your rub and seasoning collection making it ideal go-to for rotisserie lamb, chicken, kebabs and gyros.


This sophisticated blend of herbs and spices produces a timeless pastrami. Black pepper and coriander form the base of this rub combined with other select spices. Brined brisket or corned beef is coated generously with this delicately crafted mix, smoked then sliced thinly to become the centerpiece of the classic Rueben sandwich.

Hand crafted from the finest natural ingredients and blended in Melbourne, welcome to the brand-new range of meat rubs from Ozpig!The Ozpig Rubs Range is designed by an expert spice blender to help you create incredibleflavour and pairs perfectly with the Ozpig cooking styles.

Each label features a unique QR code which when scanned give easy accesses to temperatures guides, smoke wood selection guide and an ever growing recipe list. These handy hints and tip will help you along your Low and Slow journeyBBQ journey.

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