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Understanding Fuel Types

All fires need good air flow. Master this and you master temperature control. Start with the best quality fuel you can afford as this is what gives your food the additional flavour. Just like pairing a good wine with the correct food, your fuel should also compliment your meat. The Ozpig Oven Smoker is extremely versatile and can use three different types of fuel. These types of fuel can be used for all styles of cooking, however some will give better results. For example, a timber fire produces a much higher heat for hot and fast cooking such as pizzas or searing a steak, whereas it will require more work to keep a low fire burning for the length of time required to cook a brisket.


Briquettes work well as they are uniform in size and maintain a very consistent temperature and burn time. This can be replicated each time you cook, as the beads burn for quite a long time. A disadvantage is they don't give off a whole lot of flavour or smoke to the food. The solution is to add chunks of smoking timber to the beads, which slowly smoulder and produce a flavourful smoke. Choose a wood that enhances and compliments the food you are cooking. You can find the Ozpig Smoking Guide on the Choosing Smoke page contained in this guide.

Lump Charcoal

Is a great alternative to briquettes and also has its advantages and disadvantages. Charcoal, unlike briquettes, can vary greatly in size and burn times. Look for a good quality hardwood charcoal with large fist sized chunks. As charcoal is 100% timber it gives much more heat, smoke and flavour than briquettes but generally doesn't burn for as long. Similar to briquettes, adding chunks of smoking timber will also give your food that delicious smoky flavour and aroma. You can however add smoking chunks to your charcoal cook to enhance and increase the smoker flavour.

Timber fire

Is great for wood fired pizza, reverse searing steak, perfect pork crackling and for higher roasting temps. It gives great flavour and allows quick and higher temperature changes. The downside is it's more work to keep the fire burning at the right level for long, so this more or less rules low 'n' slow cooks out of the equation. Different types of timber will give your food subtle flavour differences. Timbers such as ironbark and hickory are strong flavoured timbers, best for red meats such as beef. More subtle timbers like pecan, apple and citrus are perfect for white meats like pork and chicken. You can also use a mix of different timbers to create different flavours and aromas. 

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Ozpig stoves are tailor made for the outdoors. We created the Ozpig with a passion for the outdoors and a love for outdoor cooking and heating. With our unique open door, open top design, we have created outdoor stoves that give you flexibility in cooking while maximizing heat for your outdoor space.

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We're excited you're joining us on this journey and we want to provide you with expert guidance, tips and tricks. Here at the Ozpig Oven Smoker Beginners Guide, you'll find everything from temperature and time charts, to understanding different types of fuel and how they work. We're glad you're here, simply click the tiles below to get started!

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BUILT TOUGH TO WITHSTAND AUSSIE CONDITIONSThe Ozpig is born and bred in Australia and we know just how tough the conditions can be. With this knowledge behind us we’ve developed a 3 year limited structural warranty to give you piece of mind when it comes to buying your Ozpig. Unlike other cheaper products on the market only offering a 1 year warranty, we stand behind our product and know with the right care, your Ozpig will last as long you. Buy with Ozpig knowing you’re covered. 

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An Aussie Story

The Ozpig is the clever Aussie invention created by the Shepherd family whose passion for great food and time spent with friends and family bought the concept to life, with a focus on real fire, real flavour and real heat. The Ozpig is more than just a grill. This is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. 

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