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The Ozpig Traveller is all about adventure. Similar to all Ozpig units, the legs and chimney fit into the belly of the Traveller and it packs down into a small rectangular shape so you can fit it anywhere in your 4WD, caravan or campervan. Being high off the ground and featuring a solid body, closable door and spark arrestor on top of the chimney, cooking and keeping warm with fire when you’re out on adventure is much easier and safer in the Ozpig Traveller. 

Paired Back

The Ozpig Traveller is the paired back version of the Ozpig, designed with travel and adventure in mind. With a true focus on necessities of travel and what this means, the Traveller is designed with a larger cooking surface, lighter weight construction and three key accessories. Really focusing on what you need for when you’re away, the 3 litre kettle attachment will have you boiling water in minutes, enough for a cuppa for the crew with enough hot water left over for the washing up. The chargrill plate is perfect for getting that real flavour born from fire that Ozpig are famous for and the tool rack ensures all of your utensils and cooking equipment is conveniently located right at your fingertips.

Hybrid Stove Design

We’ve all been out on adventure when the weather starts to turn and the last thing you want is to lose your key heat and light source. Thanks to the large cooking surface of the Ozpig Traveller, you can close the lid and tuck the unit in under your awning to keep the fire going and still be able to cook and keep warm. On the clearer nights and days, simply pull the unit back out into the open, remove the top, load up the fire and sit out under the stars with friends and family, enjoying a safe and contained fire in the Ozpig Traveller. 

Super Efficient

The last thing you need when you’re out and about is to run out of firewood or have to consider making a lot of room to take it with you. The Traveller is extremely efficient and runs on a range of different fuel sources meaning you don’t have to tie up all your packing space with timber. The Traveller runs on scavenged wood, bagged firewood, briquettes or lump charcoal for a clean burn and thanks to its unique negative pressure stove design, the heat is pushed out towards you and is not lost out the top of the chimney. 

Flavour Born from Fire

This is in our DNA. There is nothing like the real flavour born from cooking over fire. With the Ozpig Traveller, you will achieve an unrivalled flavour experience cooking over wood and charcoal that simply cannot be matched cooking over alternative fuel sources. 

Built to Last

Producing flavour born from fire may be our passion, but so is making a quality product. We have built the Ozpig Traveller with 2.5mm pressed steel, rolled and fully welded along every seam. The Traveller handles extreme temperatures without burning out and warping like thinner, cheaper materials do. With four large screw in legs and a low centre of gravity, it takes a huge amount of weight on top, while the side plate can hold up to 15kgs. The Ozpig Traveller will stand the test of time, being knocked around in the back of the 4WD, caravan or campervan and keep on heating and cooking for years to come.

Product Specification Table

SpecificationTravellerSeries 2Big Pig
(ground to top of chimney)
(ground to cooking surface)
(side to side)
Cooking Surface35cm x 25cm 
BBQ Plate
26cm diameter round plate &
34cm x 24cm large plate
49cm x 21cm
Removable stove top
Door Opening26cm Diameter26cm Diameter41cm x 16cm 
Chimney Length3 x 350mm pieces3 x 300mm pieces3 x 450mm pieces
Chimney Diameter58mm58mm75mm



Perfectly paired with the Series 2 and Big Pig.

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The original, versatile all-rounder.

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Built for memorable home entertaining.

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Built with one purpose in mind and it’s all in the name. 

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Ozpig stoves are tailor made for the outdoors. We created the Ozpig with a passion for the outdoors and a love for outdoor cooking and heating. With our unique open door, open top design, we have created outdoor stoves that give you flexibility in cooking while maximizing heat for your outdoor space.

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We're excited you're joining us on this journey and we want to provide you with expert guidance, tips and tricks. Here at the Ozpig Oven Smoker Beginners Guide, you'll find everything from temperature and time charts, to understanding different types of fuel and how they work. We're glad you're here, simply click the tiles below to get started!

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BUILT TOUGH TO WITHSTAND AUSSIE CONDITIONSThe Ozpig is born and bred in Australia and we know just how tough the conditions can be. With this knowledge behind us we’ve developed a 3 year limited structural warranty to give you piece of mind when it comes to buying your Ozpig. Unlike other cheaper products on the market only offering a 1 year warranty, we stand behind our product and know with the right care, your Ozpig will last as long you. Buy with Ozpig knowing you’re covered. 

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An Aussie Story

The Ozpig is the clever Aussie invention created by the Shepherd family whose passion for great food and time spent with friends and family bought the concept to life, with a focus on real fire, real flavour and real heat. The Ozpig is more than just a grill. This is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. 

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