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Have you ever been to a barbeque and there is some joker there with some wacky way of cooking the steaks?

Well forget everything you have ever heard, seen or read before, because Richo is the fairdinkum
meat expert, and he is going to tell you exactly how to cook the perfect steak!
If you’re serious about your meat,take the time to go and find some
seriously high quality produce.You’re looking a steak that has been
grass fed, and dry aged. It may not be cheap, but jeez, it’ll be good!
Here’s what you’ll need.

Start by bringing your steak up toroom temperature, don’t make the
mistake of throwing a cold steak onto a hot pan. Season all sides of
the steak generously! Remember the golden rule, meat loves salt, and
salt loves meat! Rub the steak with olive oil, don’t forget the sides too.
Get your pan or grill hot – smoking hot! Now quickly sear all sides of the
steak to seal in the juices.

Now here is the important part – turn the steak often. Don’t give the
juice a chance to leak out, lock it in by turning thr steak every couple of
minutes until you feel as though it is cooked to your liking. A quality steak
is best served rare!

Now it is time to rest the steak. It is important to note that even
though the steak has been removed from the heat, it will still continue
to cook a little. Aim for a resting time of around four to five minutes,
depending on the thickness of your cut of meat. Throw a generous dob
of butter on your steak while it rests for luxurious, lustrous finish.

Enjoy with a glass of Malbec or a quality Cabernet Sauvignon and
tell us that this isn’t the best steak you’ve ever had!


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