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What is an Ozpig?

Ozpig stoves are tailor made for the outdoors. We created the Ozpig with a passion for the outdoors and a love for outdoor cooking and heating. With our unique open door, open top design, we have created outdoor stoves that give you flexibility in cooking while maximizing heat for your outdoor space.

Unique Design

The open top design means that your cooking surface is easily interchangeable from BBQ plate to chargrill, from Oven Smoker to wok and everything in between. The Ozpig works with a variety of fuel sources including wood or charcoal, delivering the unique flavour profiles that only cooking over fire can bring. With Ozpig, you will be creating flavour born from fire in your very own backyard. With Ozpig’s unique open door design, this channels the heat directly out to where it needs to be, not locked behind a door like a typical stove, or directed upwards into the sky like a conventional, run of the mill fire pit.

You want heat?

You direct the heat to where you want it to go, giving you full control of your outdoor heating experience. The key to outdoor heating is keeping the heat in the body of the stove and not directed away from you. With the Ozpig’s unique and safe design, you can gather in closer around the fire then what a conventional fire pit or chimenea allows. Sick of smoke in your eyes? We hear you. With Ozpig’s customisable chimney stack, the smoke gets directed away from your face and eyes so you can focus on enjoying your time around the fire with friends and family.

Compliment Your Lifestyle

The Ozpig also allows you to bring your outdoor heating unit out of the elements and enjoy it for longer under a semi enclosed environment. Whether it be at home under the patio, our out adventuring under an awning, you’re now getting the best out of your outdoor heating without having to stick it up against a wall. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience of a true wood fire.

Ozpig Series 2

The Ozpig Series 2 is our crossover stove and the original in the line up. Great for adventure, the Series 2 also commands its place on the patio or in the backyard. With its smaller more compact size, the Series 2 is easy to pack up and take with you. With its solid bottom, spark arrestor and 3mm solid steel construction, the Series 2 is a safe unit that is well equipped for a lifetime of adventure. Don’t let the Series 2’s compact size fool you. This guy packs a mighty punch when it comes to cooking up a feast. Simply remove the barbecue plate and you have endless cooking options with the wide range of accessories such as the Oven Smoker, rotisserie and chargrill.

Ozpig Big Pig

The Big Pig is our tailor made woodfired cooking and heating solution designed exclusively for the home. The Big Pig is your perfect entertaining partner at home, featuring a massive front opening, dual zone cooking surfaces and a huge range of accessories. The Big Pig will take centre stage at your next get together, simply load up the Big Pig, dial up the heat and kick back and enjoy the fire. With its dual zone cooking surfaces, the Big Pig allows two large frying pans, saucepans or skillets on the heat at the same time. Remove the top and your options extend even further thanks to Ozpig’s full range of Big Pig accessories. The Big Pig has been designed with safety in mind and a key feature of this is its air ventilation system. The front door doubles as an ashtray and warming shelf and the manifold chimney stack directs smoke away from you, showing off the Big Pig’s thoughtful design features.

Ozpig Traveller

The Ozpig Traveller is the paired back version of the Ozpig, designed with travel and adventure in mind. With a true focus on necessities of travel and what this means, the Traveller is designed with a larger cooking surface, lighter weight construction and three key accessories. Really focusing on what you need for when you’re away, the 3 litre kettle attachment will have you boiling water in minutes, enough for a cuppa for the crew with enough hot water left over for the washing up. The chargrill plate is perfect for getting that real flavour born from fire that Ozpig are famous for and the tool rack ensures all of your utensils and cooking equipment is conveniently located right at your fingertips.

Ozpig Oven Smoker

Low and slow, hot and fast, built to last. Say hello to the Ozpig Oven Smoker. Compatible with the Big Pig and Ozpig Series 2, now you can create authentic American style low and slow barbecue at home, or crank up the fire and produce incredible home made wood fired pizzas in minutes or succulent roasts with all the trimmings. The Ozpig Oven Smoker is the truly versatile Ozpig accessory.

Product Specification Table

SpecificationTravellerSeries 2Big Pig
(ground to top of chimney)
(ground to cooking surface)
(side to side)
Cooking Surface35cm x 25cm 
BBQ Plate
26cm diameter round plate &
34cm x 24cm large plate
49cm x 21cm
Removable stove top
Door Opening26cm Diameter26cm Diameter41cm x 16cm 
Chimney Length3 x 350mm pieces3 x 300mm pieces3 x 450mm pieces
Chimney Diameter58mm58mm75mm



Perfectly paired with the Series 2 and Big Pig.

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The original, versatile all-rounder.

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Built for memorable home entertaining.

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Built with one purpose in mind and it’s all in the name. 

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Ozpig stoves are tailor made for the outdoors. We created the Ozpig with a passion for the outdoors and a love for outdoor cooking and heating. With our unique open door, open top design, we have created outdoor stoves that give you flexibility in cooking while maximizing heat for your outdoor space.

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We're excited you're joining us on this journey and we want to provide you with expert guidance, tips and tricks. Here at the Ozpig Oven Smoker Beginners Guide, you'll find everything from temperature and time charts, to understanding different types of fuel and how they work. We're glad you're here, simply click the tiles below to get started!

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BUILT TOUGH TO WITHSTAND AUSSIE CONDITIONSThe Ozpig is born and bred in Australia and we know just how tough the conditions can be. With this knowledge behind us we’ve developed a 3 year limited structural warranty to give you piece of mind when it comes to buying your Ozpig. Unlike other cheaper products on the market only offering a 1 year warranty, we stand behind our product and know with the right care, your Ozpig will last as long you. Buy with Ozpig knowing you’re covered. 

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An Aussie Story

The Ozpig is the clever Aussie invention created by the Shepherd family whose passion for great food and time spent with friends and family bought the concept to life, with a focus on real fire, real flavour and real heat. The Ozpig is more than just a grill. This is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. 

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