Ozpig NZ
  1. You can use a plain cut of beef or you can buy a pre-marinated piece, alternatively you can marinate your own overnight in your favourite marinade.
  2. Mix together all dry rub ingredients and thoroughly coat beef roast with the mix.
  3. Thread the beef roast onto the Ozpig rotisserie spit taking care to keep it evenly balanced.
  4. Place rotisserie on the Ozpig and turn motor on. Let cook until meat is done to your liking topping up heat beads, charcoal or fire as needed.
  5. For beginner spit roasters I would recommend heatbeads or charcoal in the heatbead basket. Charcoal gives the best results of the 2 as it burns cleaner and gives off the lovely smokey taste of a regular timber fire. I cooked a 1.8kg roast using 1kg of charcoal taking just under 2 hours at Medium-well done. When cooked rest meat well for best most tender results.

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